Thank you so much for your comments on my Sew for Victory outfit. Every one of them made me smile :-) I’m going to post today with more details of the jumper I was wearing for all the knitters out there.

As I mentioned, the pattern is ‘Ena’s Sweater’ from A Stitch in Time by Susan Crawford, volume 1. If you’re not familiar with this book, it takes vintage patterns and re-sizes them for modern women. ‘Ena’s Sweater’ was originally a Bestway pattern from 1940 and is described as “Designed by “Ena” of Home Fashions and Children’s Dress – An Attractive Lacy Jumper” :-)

I used Excelana 4 ply yarn in Cornflower Blue, which is 70% Exmoor Blueface and 30% Bluefaced Leicester. It is lovely, lovely yarn – soft, cosy and not too tickly. I am planning to knit with it again very soon.

Here’s another photo of me gurning in the jumper… Mr GiW took some marvellous photos, despite the subject matter he had to work with.

I was a good girl and I swatched before launching into the project. I got the recommended gauge of 28 stitches per 4″ on 3mm needles after wet blocking the swatch.┬áI never used to gauge swatch before starting a project, but I am trying to be a better knitter!

The pattern is a nice combination of stocking stitch and a fairly simple lace pattern. I enjoyed knitting it very much, although I felt the sleeve instructions were rather ambiguous. Thankfully someone from the Susan Crawford forum on Ravelry was able to set me straight.

For me, the pattern has two unusual features – it is not seamed at the shoulders and the sleeves are set in lower than usual. ┬áInstead, the shoulders are fastened with press studs and this was the one bit of the project I hated. I swear it took me nearly as long to sew on 6 press studs as it did to knit the jumper!

In the book, there are buttons sewn on the shoulders, aligning with the press studs underneath. I didn’t sew on buttons, mainly because I couldn’t get the press studs symmetrical on both sides. Misaligned buttons would have driven me crazy, so I left them off.

You can see my Ravelry project page for the jumper here.