I am feeling sorry for myself today, so I am writing this post to take my mind off things. I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma recently. I have no idea where it has come from – there are none of the usual triggers. I haven’t got a new job, moved house or got a new pet. There is no family history of asthma. I am on two inhalers at the moment, but they aren’t controlling the asthma. I have to go for a breathing review tomorrow at my medical centre and it can’t come soon enough. I’m hoping they will increase the level of my medication so I can start feeling normal again.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a vintage clothing fair with two lovely friends. I bought a shirt dress in a floral cotton lawn (in a Liberty-esque print) with a matching fabric belt and unusual buttons. I need to snip off the buttons and sew them on again more securely before I can wear the dress because I doubt I’d be able to find replacements. I got an unused Stratton powder compact and a 1950s costume brooch with red and pearl stones, too.

However, the most exciting thing was getting my hair done by the Vintage Hair Lounge. I couldn’t see what the hairstylist was doing, but my friends watched and they said it was fascinating. I asked for a 1940s hairdo and this was the result. I felt amazingly glamorous. My hair will never look like this again, so OH kindly took lots of photos for me.

I have thick, heavy hair so it took an industrial quantity of hair pins and spray to get it to stay up. Here’s the back view (and you can see the rows of pins fastening the roll of hair at the back). I was amazed when I took the pins out last night – I’ll never have to buy a kirby grip!

I need to explore what I can do with my hair. It’s long (bra strap length), poker straight and in good condition. However, I don’t make the most of it – I tend to just pin it up out of the way. I’m adding this book, Vintage Hairstyling, to my Christmas list.