I had such a fun day today. The vintage market was in town as part of a local arts festival, so I went along with a friend. It was a perfect day for an outdoor market – blue skies and sunshine with a slight crispness in the air. I was quite restrained with my purchases (for a change). I bought 1.8m of grey cord fabric for £3 which I hope to make into a Ginger skirt. It will be my first time working with cord, so I need to do some research beforehand. Also, I bought a long (fake) pearl necklace which I wore knotted for the rest of the day.

After browsing the vintage market, we strolled into the centre of town where we enjoyed a gin twist in a silver rocketeer mobile cocktail lounge. Phew-ee, gin twists are strong! Here I am (with a strangely fat face) enjoying the gorgeous interior of the rocketeer, pre-cocktail.

I’m wearing a new FO – yet another Simplicity 2444. I can’t stop making this dress! The fabric choice was inspired by this dress. It’s a lightweight cotton with a floral print (roses) on a black background. Despite being el cheapo from Fabricland, it drapes well, washes beautifully and hardly creases. I think this is my favourite version of the pattern yet. Hopefully I don’t look too much like I’m wearing a pair of curtains.

We went for a stroll in the sunshine after the cocktails, and we got back to the centre of town in time to hear a free performance from a swing band who were awesome. There was such a happy atmosphere, with people swing dancing to the music (some were really good). Look how glamorous the female singer is!

What a fun day shared with a lovely friend! I felt right at home listening to the swing music and I got a compliment on my outfit from one of the dancers. The more I wear vintage and vintage inspired clothes, the happier I feel :-)

Cost =

  • Pattern = £0 (already used)
  • Fabric = 4m x £3.49 = £13.96 (I didn’t use all of it)
  • Zip = £2.96
  • Thread and interfacing from stash

Total = £16.92.