I enjoyed making my gingham Simplicity 2444 so much, I made another version straight away. I had a week off work before the August Bank Holiday and I managed to make both dresses in that week (well, three dresses if you count the muslin as well). Sadly my productivity has declined dramatically since going back to work. By the time I’ve got home, eaten and pottered about, there isn’t much time for sewing. Honestly, work gets in the way of all the fun stuff.

For this version, I used a lightweight cotton with a navy background and a ditsy strawberry print. I tried to take a close up of the fabric but it came out blurred (even when I used macro mode, grrr!). I bought the fabric from here. The cotton is nice – substantial, but not too thick and crisp, but with some drape.

I made this dress exactly as the version before. Here I am modelling in a glamorous location at work. Why am I standing at an angle? I have no idea. Hopefully you can see enough of the dress.

I’ve been searching for some belts to wear with dresses. I’ve found it surprisingly difficult to find decent quality skinny belts that don’t cost a fortune. The one I am wearing in the photo is from good ol’ TK Maxx. I’ve looked in numerous shops and and it seems if you want a snakeskin/leopard print/tasselled belt then you’re sorted, but not so much if you’re looking for a plain one in a basic colour. UK readers, can you recommend anywhere?

I’m enjoying being a dress wearer (although – as you can see in the photo above – windy days might be perilous…). There’s no matching up separates, just sling a cardi over the dress and away you go! The bonus is that people assume you’ve made an effort. Hurrah!

Cost =

  • Pattern = £0 (already used)
  • Fabric = 4m x £4.50 = £18 (I didn’t use all of it)
  • Zip = £2.96
  • Thread and interfacing from stash

Total = £20.96.