I had a little bit of money left in my Paypal account so I bought myself something I’ve been hankering after for ages – a Merchant and Mills mug from The Village Haberdashery.

The text on the mug reads: “A creative and intelligent woman engaged in the noble art of clothes making; both at home and in the workplace.” I drink my tea from it when I’m sewing and I’m trying to live up to the sentiment!

I have to be honest – I’ve been experiencing a rough time with my sewing lately. I’ve tried to make a few things and none of them have worked out. There have been overlocker problems – one particularly heartbreaking moment was when I’d almost finished a skirt and I was serging the last seam. Somehow the front panel of the skirt got caught under the blade and the overlocker cut a huge slash across the front panel. Sob. There have been fabric problems – I’ve made a garment impeccably but once it was finished I saw the fabric choice just wasn’t right and it didn’t flatter me.

I know I’m very much a beginner and the mistakes I make are contributing to my learning experience. I’ll never make them again (I hope) and learning from them will make me a better sewer. Yet, I hate waste, so it pains me to waste fabric and money. I’m going to keep all the waste fabric in a scrap bag and perhaps I’ll find a use for it later.

Is it just me or does this happen to other people too? It’s taking all of my stubbornness to keep on and believe that the next project will be successful.

Image credit: Merchant & Mills.