Here I am with part two of my Paris adventures :-)

On Thursday morning we went to Notre Dame, but there was a huge queue outside and it was far too hot to wait. Instead we went to the gardens behind the cathedral and sat in the shade for a while.

We decided to walk to the Ile-St-Louis, which was a great idea. It was much quieter, there are lots of interesting shops and you can get delicious Berthillon icecream.

OH and I enjoyed ‘Midnight in Paris’ very much when we saw it at the cinema and we wanted to find the steps featured in the film. They belong to a church, St Etienne du Mont. We sat on the steps for a long while, enjoying the peace. Sadly, an old Peugeot didn’t arrive to take us back to the 1920s, but who knows what might have happened if we’d waited until midnight…? Here I am trying (and failing) to look glamorous sitting on the steps.

We needed some refreshment, so we made our way to Laduree for some macarons. They were good. Sooooooo good. In fact, so delicious that we bought some to takeaway after eating a selection of mini macarons in the restaurant. In case you’re wondering, the flavours are (L-R) salted caramel, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla (at the bottom). Oh yeah.

They joined us on a picnic in the Parc du Champ de Mars on Thursday evening. We drank wine, ate bread, cheese and macarons and watched the Eiffel Tower light up as the sky got dark.

On Friday morning we queued for an hour to go up the Eiffel Tower. Just as we got to the front of the queue, the tower was closed by the police because two protestors were climbing up the scaffolding running up the middle! That was pretty frustrating.

So, plan B… Instead we went to the Musee de L’Orangerie, then onto the Paris Opera and Galeries Lafayette. The latter is in an amazing building – just look at the glass dome – but it’s an overwhelming shop. It’s huge and it was packed full of tourists when we visited.

We had to get an early night, as we had to get up at 5.30am the next morning to catch our flight home (eeek, I’m not very good at early mornings). So, that’s the end of my Paris tale. I hope you haven’t found it too dull. There’s so much we didn’t see and I’d love to go back soon. I’m already dreaming of another Paris adventure.