Thank you for all your advice on linings. I will come back to what I’ve learned in a later post. For now, I’d like to say sometimes I hate sewing!

Do you remember the Crescent Skirt I made? Gosh, I was proud of it. It’s finished neatly inside and out. It fits me perfectly around the waist and it’s roomy enough at the hips. I’ve worn it a few times and it’s soooo comfy. However, I was getting undressed last night and, as I went to hang up my skirt, I noticed a white stripe running down the back seam.

On closer inspection, I found that the seam has been pulled open slightly through wear and this has exposed white threads in the fabric. I was hoping this skirt would be something I could wear time and time again, but I don’t fancy walking around with a white stripe down my derriere. I don’t know what to do to fix the problem.

Waaaaaaaaah! Why is sewing so hard?