This week, I’ve been taking stock because it’s six months since I started sewing. Six months ago I knew absolutely nothing about sewing and I was scared of sewing machines. Since then I have learned:

  • to love my sewing machine;
  • to thread my machine, wind bobbins, adjust the stitch type/width/length/tension, change needles and feet;
  • to do tacking and seam ripping;
  • to do straight stitching (still need to work on this!) and zigzag stitching;
  • to do staystitching, understitching and top stitching;
  • to do a basic seam and a french seam;
  • to do a double fold hem;
  • to do gathering;
  • about cutting fabric, grainlines, selvedges and cutting on the bias;
  • about reading patterns, pattern sizing, flat pattern adjustments, tracing patterns and transferring pattern markings to fabric;
  • about my body shape;
  • to do darts;
  • to do buttonholes;
  • to do slash pockets;
  • to set in sleeves;
  • to insert a centred zip and an invisible zip.

I’m not claiming to be an expert at any of these, but I’ve had a go at everything on the list above and I hope, with practice, to get better.

In six months, I have made:

My ambition was to make (at least) one wearable skirt by the end of the year, so I’m pleased I have achieved that and more!

In the next six months, I would like to become more confident using my overlocker, finish my ‘Peony’ dress and sew more wardrobe staples (skirts and blouses for work).

I hope this post doesn’t seem boastful, but I was feeling a bit frustrated with myself. I’ve seen so many amazing projects in the sewing blogosphere and I knew that I wasn’t good enough to make them. However, looking back over the last six months, I can see how far I’ve come and I feel heartened to carry on improving my skills. It’s been a steep learning curve, that’s for sure.

ETA I checked my maths this morning and I realised that I’ve been sewing for five months, not six months. Derp!