Hello everyone, how are you doing? I hope UK readers are keeping warm in this cold snap. I didn’t get a flake of snow where I live, which was deeply disappointing.

I’ve been sewing again and this is the third item I’ve completed. After I’d finished the sock knitting project bag for me, I decided to make one for my friend anniebead. She’s an ace crafter with years of sewing experience. She’s been patiently answering all my annoying questions about sewing. I know she loves to knit socks, so I thought a sock project bag would be just the thing.

I made it in exactly the same way as the monkey bag. The outer fabric is ‘Goo Goo Socks’ by Alexander Henry and the lining is ‘Grass Green Roundabout Dots’ by Moda. I bought both from Eternal Maker. The cord and cordstop were from Fabricland. anniebead likes green and the dotty fabric picks up the green spotty socks on the Alexander Henry fabric.

I managed to get the seams of the two bags lined up this time (yay!) but I failed to get the washing lines of socks to match up completely on the seam of the outer bag. Oh well, I’m still learning. One thing I have learned, I can expect to use my seam ripper at least once on every project!

I love the Alexander Henry fabric so much, I *may* have ordered a fat quarter to make a sock bag for myself, but with a blue polka dot lining. I’ve really enjoyed making small projects and I’m a lot more confident with my sewing machine, but I can’t wait for my sewing course to get started on 21 Feb. I’m itching to get going on a skirt.

PS apologies for the quality of the photos, the light is awful at the moment so it’s hard to take a decent picture.