I have a new crafting obsession – washi tape. If you haven’t come across it before, it’s decorative masking tape from Japan. It’s used mainly in paper crafting, but it can also be used in home decor and it’s very handy for gift wrapping! I’ve got a board for washi tape inspiration on Pinterest.

I ordered some rolls of tape to play with from this online store (excellent customer service, btw – my original order got lost in the post, so they sent out a replacement with no quibbles). Mmm, pretty, pretty colours and patterns…

I feel like a fraud telling you about the washi tape, though, as I haven’t used it yet. I haven’t taken the cover off my sewing machine since I bought it, either. I’ve been very tired lately and I’ve had to rest a lot. The upside of this is that resting is the perfect opportunity for knitting and catching up on The Killing.

I’ve finally seen all twenty episodes. Oh my goodness. What an amazing series! I won’t spoil it for anyone who doesn’t know who dunnit, but I will say it left me with as many questions as answers. This is quite different from the majority of crime dramas I watch where there is usually a neat resolution at the end.

‘The Killing’ has made me want to visit Copenhagen very much (if only to track down Lars Mikkelsen). I’m looking forward to series 2 (and I hear there will be a new jumper – but can it be as good as the original indestructable jumper?). In the meantime, I am enjoying more episodes from series 1 of The Mentalist.