I had a hard time deciding who to pick for today’s blog post. I really like the work of Ysolda Teague, Connie Chang Chinchio and Jared Flood. But in the end, I went for my all time favourite – Kim Hargreaves.

Kim joined at Rowan at the age of 17 and she was their first design director. She left Rowan in 2004 to start her own design company with her mother, Kathleen. I’ve got several of her self-published books and if a new book is due to be published, I countdown the days until it will be available (yes I have no life).

Here’s a mosaic of selected designs from Kim’s summer books – Nectar, Breeze and Misty – to give a taste of her style.

I like her designs because they’re feminine without being girly and frilly. They look modern, but vintage at the same time. They’re simple, but have interesting details on areas like hems, cuffs and buttonholes. I find her patterns clearly written and easy to follow in the main.

I love the styling of her books, which is done by Kim and her mother. In fact, I covet the clothes the designs are worn with as much as the knitwear itself – the polka dot skirt in the mosaic above is a particular favourite. Unfortunately, I think it’s vintage so no chance of getting my hands on one.

I knitted Blithe (from ‘Breeze’) last year using Rowan Fine Milk Cotton. It has some ‘typical’ Kim Hargreaves design elements, such as the garter stitch hem and ‘striped’ central panel, worked in alternating sections of garter and stocking stitch. I made it whilst OH and I were on holiday and it is associated with happy memories of sitting in the sun, knitting away.

'Blithe' by Kim Hargreaves

I’m working on Embrace from ‘Misty’ at the moment. I’m also thinking about other projects from ‘Misty’ including Carrie and Anais. Oh yes, and I want to make Joy – I saw a woman wearing this cardi from ‘Nectar’ over a summer dress last year and it looked great.